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I have a love of cars that keeps me looking through the classified section of the local paper looking to see what people are charging for new cars these days. The other day I was looking at the paper and was surprised to see a version of the Nissan Versa going for something ridiculous like nine thousand dollars, about the same price as a Hyundai Elantra. It seems the little Honda is recession proof. At the end of the automobile classifieds was the Dating .


You can see with only one eye open, but you'll probably run into things and stub your toe. The big picture matters.

J Scarnucci wrote: Not really sure where pizza biz is heading. I suffered a fire in my truck this spring. I built a new truck but my heart isnt in it like it was. Sooooo much damn work trying to do it by myself. Pearl Sutton wrote: Hey Mr Scarnucci! What are your plans for this year? Forum: permaculture singles. SWM 42 Midwest. Looking for partner in life and love.

It's about our community and our spirituality!

J Scarnucci. Optional 'thank-you' note:. I have an older post on here from 2 years ago but I can't seem to edit or delete it, so I'll try again here. Believe it or not I met my last serious relationship on here, so I guess Im crossing my fingers that lightning will strike twice.

I'm 42 and without children, but every bit of my DNA hopes to be a dad someday.

I live on a 12 acre homestead in So IN. I keep chickens and goats and try to garden, but tackling the chores is difficult alone. I recently left a regular job in Louisville to chase my dream of running a food truck. I built a wood fired pizza oven and have been working steadily at growing it the past few months. I'm prone to making some dumb mistake in a relationship, or running with blinders on when it comes to a project, but I respond well to honest communication and criticism. I know that I don't know it all.

Even if I act like I do. Ok, here are some pics.

I look forward to hearing from someone special soon. Pearl Sutton. I like I'll help you bump : Looks like you have a neat life going on there! Hope you find a lady to you in it!

I’ve moved!!

Dawn Stiles. I'm new to permies, but I saw your post and I'm intrigued. I have done the homestead thing before, but the partner didn't work out. Longing for that life again. Currently living in Bloomington. Karen Brady. Sarah Koster.

Desperate, sweaty, swm looking for ‘love’

Don't worry, other people are bad at dating too. I have a bad habit of trying way too hard to be more sociable than my introverted self can really handle. Somehow being left alone to knead dough and feed chickens which I like doing anyway doesn't sound bad at all. I am relatively nearby in southwestern Ohio, I built an incubator out of a styrofoam cooler I found the garbage and hatched quail, which I processed and cooked and ate.

I'm focused on food forests and would like to make extensive use of the native fruit treessuch as American persimmon, mulberry and pawpaw as well as incorporating weird stuff like goumi berry that won't outcompete native flora.

I'm 33, single, whitish and childless. I'm a bit of an outcast because I don't get into the shamanistic stuff like most of the local hippies do, and I don't pray to the republican party like most of the local christians do.

I think your food truck is cool. I'm not cool enough to have an active on an image hosting website, but I can something if you are at some point interested.

Tina Mae. Oh MY! What nice basil you have there, sir!! Bet that's not a standard response : Helping you bump this!

And I vote you wax that mustache into handlebars and add another picture : Just because I'm weird. Not really sure where pizza biz is heading. J Anders. That is really rough J. I have a Chevrolet Express sitting in the backyard that needs a new motor put into it but without any real spousal support my heart just isn't in messing with it. I imagine that eventually it'll get done, probably next spring.


Could paint it up and fix the rust this fall, have most of the materials, but why bother? Sounds like that's where you're at in a similar way as well. Oh that sucks! I'm so sorry. Your basil looks lush! I assume fall festivals for pizzas is done, did you do well at them? Did you have fun? Nah, the business is too hard to run by myself and achieve any amount of profitability.

I kept at it through Sept in order to honor my commitment to the winery I was at, but I think its done. I still have GI Bill benefits to use up so I am trying to wrap up my degree. Am taking a few Sustainability classes which have been interesting.

Sbf looking for swm (sbm need not apply)

Ive also been asked to run a wood-fired pizza kitchen at a local brewery. We have tentatively agreed to move forward but nothing has been ed yet. We'll see. Hey Mr Scarnucci! I graduate in May with a somewhat useless degree. It was a joy to study but doesnt help in todays job market. I hope to get back to biomedical equipment repair and keep my homestead going on the side.

Id consider relocating but thinking about selling this place makes my head and heart hurt. Im still waiting for the universe to align me with someone else as crazy about chicken manure and goat shit as I am Oooh, sauerkraut! And I missed your morel bump! Oh my! I found a few, my first time! I made Morel Stroganoff Oooh, yeah He puts the "turd" in "saturday".

Speaking of which, have you smelled this tiny ad? Boost this thread! SWM looking for

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