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This Chapter shall be known as the Zoning Code of Skagit CountyWashington, constituted by the text and zoning maps. The regulations are intended to carry out the goals and policies of the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan. This Chapter is intended to benefit the public as a whole and not any specific person or group of persons.


Looking for an archived News Item from last 12 months to read again? Prefer eqsl, SWL reports very welcome.

Community radio stations will soon be able to apply for emergency funding to help them through the coronavirus pandemic. As administrator of the fund, Ofcom has today published the application form and guidance notes for those stations who wish to apply for an emergency cash grant.

This includes the eligibility criteria and information on the application and award process.

The window for applications opens on 4 May and closes at 5pm on 11 May It started on May 5th,where Chinese amateur radio operators started an "On air conference". On May 5th,the conference covered all the regions in China, it was the biggest on air event. In andthere were 2 exhibitions associated with the "On air conference".

In recent years, the CRAC organized several events on May 5th every year and deated that day as a Chinese amateur radio festival, called "5. The "5. The CRAC provides special awards to whose who meet the criteria below. Award application can be sent to cq55 crac.

The award application deadline is September 30th, Award Rules: The award has three Bronze, Silver and Golden, which will be measured by slots worked. One slots is a combination of a special call, band and mode.

The special stations have their own QRZ. Register now for the next free Essex Ham online amateur radio Foundation training course that starts on May 3 The course is free, takes place in an online classroom, and requires hours of study per week. Courses include online lessons, video tutorials, slides and mock tests. I developed a paging system to alert park staff of pertinent information. Such as alternative energy day, we talked about and demonstrated the many different types of energy production methods.

When I put on the event, the local amateur radio operators had a blast using their amateur radios to send text messages, s and learn how to track their position when traveling on foot or vehicle. The following special event calls from the Netherlands are celebrating 75 years of peace following the end of WW II throughout May:.

QSOs also count for a special award. For direct requests please use ClubLog. He hopes to be back in Deutscher Amateur Radio Club e-mail: iota dxhf. The Irish Radio Transmitters Society report that the installation of three additional gateways for digital voice modes has finally been completed. Additional information about these systems is available from their QRZ. And he believes the hobby is a great way to socialise without having to leave the house.

You don't see this every day. There are two sunspots on the sun today, and each one comes from a different year solar cycle. Two solar cycles are active at once.

What does it mean? Find out on today's edition of Spaceweather. A video is now available on YouTube. Watch the video in Russian; length min. Although we are missing DXpeditions, there is a tremendous amount of activity on the bands as every country in the world seems to have stay at home orders.

With no expeditions, some may be experiencing a lack of motivation to get on the air. We have the answer! CQ's annual DX Marathon!! Each year hams are invited to work as many countries and CQ zones as possible.

So far this year over CQ countries have been active plus all 40 zones. That is a lot of DX chasing to keep everyone busy! There are plenty of certificates and even plaques for the top scores each year, but many hams simply compete against themselves to improve their totals each year. This is a wonderful time to participate in the DX Marathon and see how many countries and zones you can work this year!!!

Come and the fun! IARU-R2 reports the response to the original notice of workshops was far beyond their expectations: registered and more are still registering!

Below is the list of the initial schedule of workshops which will be available using the Zoom video conference platform. Please note that most are already near or at capacity. More workshops are in development as well as a new online registration process. These will be available in the near future. Participants will be ased to an appropriate workshop. That is, amateurs from Spanish speaking countries, will be scheduled into a Spanish workshop.

Those from English speaking countries will be ased to an English workshop. For any requests for future workshop topics, volunteers for speakers, or other comments or suggestions, please Augusto at workshops iaru-r2.

News stories include:. De News reports that since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U. Sinceamateur radio — also known as ham radio — have been working in basements, attics and outside RF shacks, tinkering with their and communicating around the global with other ham operators. People from all walks of life use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. Interest in the use of amateur radios and especially in preparing and taking the FCC tests have soared with the exponential rise of the coronavirus outbreak.

A few fellow hams picked up the de and are now using BenchDuino to test valves in home brew ventilators with the University of Florida. Check out their Facebook to learn more. The station will be active on HF, VHF and UHF using as many modes as possible, as often as possible from the 1st until the 28th of May, being operated from the homes of club members. Therefore if the al is a little weaker than you may expect have patience and I am sure they will work you! To encourage amateurs around the UK and whole world to make contact with GB0GIG, we have produced an award certificate for you to collect.

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Bronze - 2 contacts Silver — 4 contacts Gold — 6 contacts Platinum — 10 or more contacts. These contacts can be made on any band or even all on the same band. We hope to update a Log Book of the World every day or two, so you can track your progress.

Finally, we find ourselves in a very difficult situation and some of us may be fed up being at home, so please do in and listen out for GB0GIG to thank our healthcare workers! Full details of the call and awards scheme can be found on QRZ. See www. Note that there is a upper limit of watts PEP for this contest. We had great support for a similar event in March and hope that this event will be equally successful. He states, "I know everyone struggles with Covid where as we Samoa has no positive case so far.

One of very rare Covid Free Island country that I'm transmitting from.

Yes, the Island is really isolated from any other land and the Samoa Government decided to close the boarder at the early stage. Countries available:. As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later".

Following a Freedom of Information request Ofcom have released a spreheet of all Allocated amateur radio call s in the UK and Crown Dependencies The spreheet lists 92, calls that were showing a status of Allocated as at March 26, The database can be useful for people wanting to apply for a specific call as it shows calls which are not available for issue. As at the end of April 24 the RSGB had successfully conducted 29 remotely-invigilated online amateur radio Foundation exams in people's homes The Society reports they are currently doing 10 remote exams per day.

About exams have been booked to the end of May and several hundred additional Foundation exams are in the pipeline. Given the high demand for Foundation exams it seems unlikely any Intermediate or Full exams could be done before the end of May.

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