Relationships As Spiritual Practice
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The idea of a perfect relationship is as flawed as the idea of a perfect man or woman, yet so many of us entertain this idea, consciously or not.


Last week we discussed the idea of using your relationship as a daily spiritual practice.

At the root of all the major religions and spiritual practices are principles like love, faith, compassion, and trust. They aim to teach humanity about how to coexist in a world that is bigger than any one individual. That being said, it is easy to fall into the trap of being codependent on one another.

Relationships: the ultimate spiritual practice?

To be in a spiritually balanced and healthy relationship is to admit that as you dissolve the barriers to Oneness, you ultimately recognize the separateness of one another as well. Cultivating the uniqueness in each partner helps both people see where their own interests intersect.

But how do you bring those components into your relationship? Here are a few ideas:.

Sex, after all, is probably one of the biggest keys for visiting higher states of consciousness together. It also has been celebrated for centuries as a way to the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

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Here are a few ideas: Let go. Breathe together. Life gets so busy and we lose touch with one another. Find time throughout the day to schedule in hug time.

It also lowers blood pressure and stress levels. In the same light as practicing compassion, also practice forgiving both yourself and your partner. You are both just human and no one has perfect days.

How to co-create a conscious relationship: 3 spiritual practices

Give your partner and yourself the benefit of the doubt and the ability to make mistakes. Forgiveness is a large component of unconditional love, as it does not predicate the love feeling on being perfect but rather on being perfectly human. Meditate together. Or do yoga hello, acro-yoga! Tags: compassion femininity letting go masculinity Relationships religion spirituality unconditional love.

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Love of self, love of neighbors, and love of God are the foundational stones of the world's religions.


How would it feel to have the mindset, heart space and skills to create a more thriving relationship?


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