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Finding a place to live in Aurora is no ordinary experience for newcomers. A mix of well-preserved history and community-wide creativity makes this city feel smaller than it actually is. Only Chicago has more residents, but Aurora's convenient and picturesque spot along Fox River has turned it into a transportation, entertainment, and shopping hub for urban commuters, suburban transplants, and lifelong locals alike. Downtown streets are filled with masterpieces by everyone from Frank Lloyd Wright to George Grant Elmslie, who built more commercial buildings here than anywhere in the world. There are even dozens of still-standing homes built from Sears Catalog kits in the early 20th century. Among all this architectural history are rooms for rent, apartment complexes deed to blend in with the historic styles, and brand new units that keep springing up in response to growing business opportunities.


In. I Want To Does the City of Aurora fluoridate the drinking water? What is the level of fluoride in Aurora's drinking water? Where can I find information about lead in drinking water?

I have a softener that is programmable. What is the hardness of Aurora's tap water?

Aurora apartments for rent with washer & dryer

Do I need a water softener in Aurora? What is the raw water source for the City of Aurora?

Is our water safe to drink? What is hexavalent chromium chromium-6? Is Aurora's water safe? Where does Aurora fall within the national standards for chromium?

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between total chromium and chromium-6 hexavalent chromium? Does Aurora's water comply with California's health goals for chromium? If California's standard was applied to Illinois, how would Aurora measure? How may I obtain information about city water pressure? What should I do?

I have no water, low water pressure or my water has been turned off. I would like my water turned on.

Whom should I contact? Can I arrange for a tour of the Water Treatment Plant?

Rv parks & campgrounds near aurora, il

What is a Precautionary Localized Boil Order? What is the reason for the Precautionary Localized Boil Order?

Can I drink tap water during a Boil Order? Can I shower or bath during a Boil Order? Can I wash clothes during a Boil Order?

Can pets drink tap water during a Boil Order? Are vending machines and ice makers that use city water to mix drinks safe to use during a Boil Order? If I have any other questions?

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