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If your best friend is basically the Gayle to your Oprah —someone who has been there for you through every breakup and hair color —then they deserve a pampering gift that shows them exactly how much you care. Between birthdays, holidays, and those sentimental "I'm thinking of you" moments in between, there are so many opportunities to make your BFFs feel special—even if you're miles apart.


You love your artsy friends more than anything in the world; they make your life more colorful and give the best gifts—because creative people manage to come up with the strangest, yet perfect, ideas. Hedgehogs are the newest, trendiest animal to hit the streets and the internet. A fascination with these creatures comes from people uninterested in the norm and have rooms devoted to their furry friend.

Dear friend, did you know i have a blog

This friend recently tatted her walls with paintings and likely started eyeing the closet doors and the ceiling fan not long after. After spending hours working diligently on a project, this friend want nothing more than to fall into a cloud of pillows. Figure out what keepsakes theatre lovers already have before spending all your rent money on something. So just get the next best thing—A playbill, poster or coloring book those are all the craze now, right?

Your makeup artist camarade is likely the least organized person on the block—she likely has a lip pencil sticking out of her bun and swatches all over her hands and face. Giving that friend a way to organize and cope makes all the difference in whether she makes it to class tomorrow.

Anyone who sits for hours reading books and dreams of ways to live in a simple worlds deserves a well-loved and well-worn rare edition of their favorite classical novel. This friend imagines the different worlds in books and movies and pictures what life would be like to live there. You know, this is the friend who wanders around the world during winter break or desperately wants to and pins dream destinations.

Why not get a gift that will be useful on that endeavor?

Getting a tea set and some rich teas—plus tons of honey—is the go-to gift for your aca-friend. Along with fancying that supernatural creatures live among us, this friend has a room that reflects the dream of becoming one of them—wings and all. Why not help out by adding some extra fairy dust to the space? Hanging fairy lights and lanterns from the ceiling gives the room something above and beyond and provides some extra light for those late night magic adventures.

Your creative friend

Playing around with Sepia and Nightlark is fun, but nothing beats holding your photographic masterpieces in your hands. Plus the come in really cute colors!

Create a custom collage with photos of the best times you two have shared. Hey, college is rough.

A beautiful journal will allow your writer friend to let it all out. Plus, a handmade leather journal is basically a work of art in itself. Accio, Netflix! Perfect your wizarding skills with a Harry Potter wand remote control. Who says you need those frat parties for an epic weekend? Reach full blown HP-ception levels by using this wand during a Harry Potter marathon. Give your creative friend the power to make literally whatever he or she wants with a 3D printer.

We are hello friend creative – a collective of accomplished creative types curated by rachel torti.

From jewelry to candle holders to iPhone speakers, the possibilities never end. Regular printers are also always helpful for creative endeavors like collage-making and schoolwork.

Might as well make it worth her while. Your friend deserves to feel like a walking piece of art. His apartment might as well be an art gallery based on all the paintings hung on the walls. Why not keep him warm and inspired through the winter? Researchers at Marist College in New York have even found that people who swear a lot are more creative. Show you love her and her passionate vernacular. Either way, he makes every day a little more fantastic.

Give him a gift that brings a piece of Wonderland to his morning routine. Your friend will be in tears laughing over the best six-second memories from to Point, focus, sip. Does your friend bring her camera everywhere and insist on taking photos of you, even on the worst hair day?

50 unique gifts for your ride or die best friend

Make her mornings a little easier with a cute and portable coffee cup to give her plenty of energy for a day of photoshoots. This gift definitely sets you apart with the camera lens look. Your friend has so many amazing creative ideas he rattles them off a mile a minute. Help those creative ideas stick with this adorable typewriter-inspired reminder pad.

The post-its feed out of the mouth of the typewriter just like the real deal. If your friend values experiences over material items, give him or her the gift of learning a new skill. Doing a new and creative activity together will strengthen your friendship you can laugh at your misshapen pottery mugs afterward and remember the day together every time you sip your morning coffee.

Written by Kaleigh Howland. Are you kidding me?

While gifting the Adobe Creative Cloud might seem a bit outside your budget, many universities provide it to students for free. So help your friend learn the basics with a comprehensive guide to editing their model pics.

10 creative gifts your artsy friend actually wants

A gift card to a coffee shop never goes unappreciated by your local starving artist. Coffee shops make for a decompressing and quiet place to sketch or write some poetry thanks to the major relaxing vibes. Anything we can do to help the hustle. A pen is mightier than a sword, right? A little pencil bag could change that and give your writer friends their power back.

We love a holiday gift that is just as practical as it is adorable.

Give your wistful friend the gift of romantic fantasy with a writing setno 18th century get-up necessary. For that girl, a cute cassette tape desk organizer adds a nice little touch of retro.

It also keeps your friend grooving along while they polish the finishing details on their next project. Hand-lettering makes everything better. Help your Pinterest and quote — obsessed bestie out with a hand-lettering guide, and you might even receive a hand-lettered gift next year.

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