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There is no smoke without fire, but international press largely exaggerates the dangers in this city and travelling solo here is not as hard as it seems.


Now reading Alone in Rio. By Nellie Khossousi. By Austin Dalley. By Contributor. By Steven Knollmeyer. After a whirlwind of two weeks filming in Rio with a production crew from Tastemade, I was on my own for a few days off. Typically with this sort of thing, I would be ecstatic about my freedom and independence, but after a rough turn of events in my personal life, the last thing I needed was to be all by my lonesome. But it had to happen. We parted ways with the crew, Jo went off to visit her family two hours away, and I was off to a Copacabana hotel I had booked after finding a cheap deal.

It was time to leave our AirBNB. We said our goodbyes which now that I think about it, symbolically represents a goodbye I said in my personal life on the same day and made our way onto the next. How much?

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Not happening. Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised that this four-star hotel looked like a five-star hotel. I wait in line for fifteen minutes just for the front desk to tell me to take a seat. I walk to the bar and decide to chill with a cup of filter coffee, cuz we all know how hard that is to come by outside of America. The bartender was friendly and accommodating to my clearly-foreign Portuguese accent, smiling at each and every mistake or incorrect vocabulary.

I appreciated that. After another twenty minutes, I walk back to the front desk and ask what the wait is for.

Really… They hand me my room key — Room — and I get excited thinking that the 14th floor must have an amazing view of Copacabana Beach, Lagoa, Urca, or Ipanema. Like any view from the 14th floor would be a good view. They could have given me the 5th floor, or the 8th floor, but no, they gave me the 14th. I walk into my room and wow. This place is nice.

Wait, where is the window? Wait, are there no windows?

Ok, there is literally not one window. Ok, no big deal, there are worse things in life than not having a window in a hotel room.

On to the next. It was a girl I had met a few days before at our meet up from our YouTube channel, sitting and eating lunch with a friend. I take a seat at their table and hear more about their stories — one, an Ecuadorian who had lived in the US and now moved to Rio, and the other, a surfer from Canada who moved to Rio for a different lifestyle. I move to the beach, where I take a seat next to a French couple — always nice to try to practice some language skills, even if it does mean eavesdropping on innocent bystanders.

I spend the next few hours admiring the ocean view and happy people kicking around a volleyball. I head to the mall in Leblon to check out the bougier side of Rio de Janeiro.

Is rio de janeiro safe for travel in ?

That kind of thing is fatiguing, so I take a lap on the next floor, and get sidetracked by an older man playing the piano. The median age around him had to have been about 65, but good music is good music, so I take a seat. I have yet another melodramatic moment, tears in my eyes, because of 1 the beautiful music, and 2 the turn of events in my personal life, remember? I go to a boteco in Copacabana, which is pretty much a Brazilian word for a small, informal bar. Talk about coming full-circle.

He just happened to be on vacation, at the Tia Joana boteco. He and his girlfriend from New York were doing their own tour of Brazil. Again, I love meeting people who are out living their lives around the world. And now here I am again, the next morning at Ipanema beach, back to the present moment.

Of all the spots on the beach, and of all of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, I am here next to the same couple. The world works in funny ways. Whether or not we choose to believe it, our days are jam-packed with activities, coincidences, and oddities and maybe being alone in Rio is what I needed to remind myself of that.

As with most of my travel adventures, this one starts with me in another European airport with a bougie name. By Damon Dominique. By Joanna Franco. Keep up to date with our stories and travel tips and up to our newsletter. You've successfully ed our list. Stay tuned for awesome traveling stories. Sorry an error occurred while trying to add you to the list. Next. By Nellie Khossousi January 27, 10 min read.

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Look at your life as a series of events that funnel into the next. Things will happen when you let them. Written by Damon Dominique. Write a comment. By Damon Dominique October 23, 13 min read. By Joanna Franco February 05, 8 min read. By Damon Dominique May 16, 5 min read.

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Is Rio de Janeiro safe for travel?


Living alone was defined as residing in a one-person household.


Considering the current world context of social isolation, this research was developed from data collected from 6 elderly people, men and women between 60 and 90 years old, who were discovered in a semi-structured interview that addressed questions about the experience of isolation in times of COVID, social network and feeling of loneliness.