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First of all, please check out our older article: 31 Days of Cum Shots. If you go to the photo gallery every single day has a story.


Forum Rules. Remember Me? Solo Cum Play Bucket List. 1 to 30 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. April 20th,PM 1. I'm going to use it to a motivate myself to try out some new stuff and b document these things. I love, love, love cum play I've jizzed in my mouth many times, but there's a few other things I've always wanted to try and never done them because of the whole post-ejacuation loss of interest thing.

So the hope is that if I write down the list here I'll have something to stick to. I need support. I need you guys to kick my ass Cum play ideas I don't and offer encouragement. I really want to try these things. Here's the list it may grow over time : 1. Cumming in a condom and eating it from that. Putting a cum filled condom over a dildo and then, during another session, pricking it and sucking it out. Licking my cum out of my fleshlight after blowing inside it. Freezing cum to play with later, orally or anally. Putting my cum up my ass using a turkey baster, especially several lo.

7 ways to enjoy your cum fetish

Anybody have any tips on that I hope I can stick to this. Thanks in advance if you're the helpful type. Reply With Quote. April 20th,PM 2.

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April 20th,PM 3. April 21st,AM 4.

I've eaten my cum from a condom before but i'd like to try the others too! April 22nd,PM 5. I suffer from a similar thing. When I sub, I am made to do some of these things, which is always fun. You kinda hate it when its happening, and then you jerk off later thinking about it Cum on a piece of food and eat it or cook with it or stuff like that. April 22nd,PM 6. Re: Solo Cum Play Bucket List most people dont have access to a liquid nitrogen tank, but if you do, you can flash-freeze you cum by putting it in there in a container.

May 9th,PM 7. I put the condom over the dildo and the whole thing in the freezer. Then, next session, I warmed the cum.

When I was certain it was at the right temperature, I pricked the end with a safety pin and sucked out the cum. SO glad I tried this, it still tasted great and made me super horny.

I might have to skip 1, I still can't bring myself to do it. Frozen is definitely the way forward.

"funishment" [cum-swallowing/cum-play] ideas?

May 14th,AM 8. She loves it.

May 14th,PM 9. Re: Solo Cum Play Bucket List Use to enjoy and still do adding cum to some pudding with drop cool whip and enjoying a new cum dessert. May 16th,AM Originally Posted by njcollegekid.

May 17th,AM Originally Posted by Donnie. May 21st,PM Slightly unrelated because it wasn't solo but I snowballed for the first time yesterday. I let the guy cum in my mouth then fed it back to him, before shooting my load on his face. May 22nd,AM September 14th,PM Sounds like My Name Is Earl. Give us a blow-by-blow .

For the record, I did the first one ages ago, though I didn't like the rubbery taste. And in my teens and twenties I regularly did the back-summersault-shoot-in-the-mouth trick. Note to anyone who's thinking of trying it for the first time: don't get it in your eyes! That's a mistake you'll only make once.

September 15th,AM Some guys will, some won't but I'm always game. Have shared a fleshlite with a mate - would be hot to felch his load out Or maybe a mixture of both lo? If you swim goggles can prevent 'spunk in eye' syndrome. Also good when chopping onions. Now don't all thank me at once.

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September 15th,PM Re: Solo Cum Play Bucket List I just started cum play myself, i have cum swapped and i like it i think it is great, but the only way i seem to be able to eat my own cum is too jerk off in my food, pudding is good cottage cheese is good, also jerked off on snack cakes, i can't have little debbie ho ho's with out cumming on them now. September 22nd,PM I'm barely progressing at all, lol.

I live in a place with a more communal freezer now so its gonna be kinda hard Although I must say bukkake is calling to me I wouldn't even know how to go about arranging that. September 23rd,AM Most of the references are for upwards of 50 guys ejaculating on a woman. How do you pronounced it?

Beneath the sheets

Like "buck cake? Originally Posted by journo September 25th,PM It does look like fun. I fucking love being jizzed on.

September 28th,PM Would you put up some photos please? October 1st,PM Totally my favourite, having the cum drip out after. September 24th,PM It seems it takes time finding a decent if guys, screening them all and getting somebody to host! But the ball is definitely in motion. October 25th,AM

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