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I mean WTF? So I started to think, surely there has got to be a better way. Surely the good events are all hanging out together somewhere cool?


A private, membership-based dating app for jews with ridiculously high standards.

Through time, more and more dating apps have proven that they can, in fact, create love between two people spurred from a bond over digital communication. However, many are often hesitant to jump on, or even admit to using them.

Or, they haven't yet found one that appeals to them and taps into what they're looking for. Starting as a half-joke and turned into a real-life, thriving business, Lox Club Founder Austin Kevitch shares his own personal experience with dating apps, why he hated them and how Lox Club is changing the game for the better. Here, we chat with him to learn more about The Lox Clubwhich recently hosted its first in-person event in Miami, and his top five favorite date night destinations in the city.

Everyone is embarrassed to admit Club dating met their partner on a dating app my friends lie and say they met at Erewhon or the gym.

Members have to apply, get accepted and know the secret password to get in. Once inside, it feels like more of a community than a dating app.

Our mission is to help people find love in a non-cringe way. As a note, Lox Club is like a deli—culturally Jewish, yes, but anyone can enjoy it! Surprisingly good.

Startups typically get months to tweak their product until it finds a market fit and some never do. Am I overwhelmed sometimes? Definitely it's am as I'm writing this.

But I try to remind myself that it really is just the beginning. We have some wild and crazy ideas planned for the future and Lox Club is just the tip of the iceberg. For those who are hesitant to jump on a dating app, what would you tell them?

Private dating club

Cool, me too. I created Lox Club because I was making fun of dating apps.

Up. Search Our Site. What was the impetus behind launching Lox Club?

Why is it a unique dating app? What has been the reception?

Top 5 best date night spots in Miami? Tags: profile ceo tech world centennial dating apps lox club. View Digital Edition.

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In the 21st Century our dating culture has drastically changed.


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