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Their are highly interesting, and I always refer to them. The survey was conducted in January with 14, respondents with an equal distribution of age 20s through to 60ssex, and location prefecture. The respondents completed the survey online. By the way, Sagami makes fantastic condoms.

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Even though I tend to go for Okamoto, another top-notch condom company in Japan, both companies are great. If you know any better ones, please let me know! : As for women, the percentages are As for women, the s are I think this is partly because marriage is generally more important than dating in Japan. I remember that in my Japanese high school, not many people were dating.

Why is it that some friendships develop into something romantic?

I never felt any pressure that I had to date somebody. I did date somebody, but I hardly ever discussed it with my classmates. When you are in your late 20s or in your 30s, people start asking you questions: When are you going to get married? People start introducing you to your future husband or wife.

My boss did that to me once. Question : If you have a sexual partner, how many times do you have sex per month? : On average, when they are married or in a relationship, men in their 20s have sex 4. Women in their 20s have sex 3. As for the differences between relationship statuses, married people have sex 1. The overall average is 2. Do you remember the Durex sex survey in ?

According to their survey, Japanese people have sex 45 times a year on average, which translates to 3. So if Sagami did the survey with the same conditions as Durex, the average sex frequency would be much lower than 2.

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Japan is a complete outlier. But considering the information we have so far, the most logical conclusion is that Japanese people have ificantly less sex than people in most developed countries. In other words, Nonetheless, more than two-thirds of the people are in an unhappy sexless marriage or relationship.

This is quite unfortunate.

Japanese apartments and houses tend to be small. In recent years, Japanese men seem to be gaining a reputation of having a low sex drive. Also, the survey says that : On Average, Japanese men in their 20s had 7. The averages for the women were 5.

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We have seen various stats so far, but the only area where Japan is clearly an outlier is the frequency of sex. But otherwise, Japanese people want to have sex and sleep around like everyone else. Also, 3. Relatively few people were total strangers and only 0.

If you are a western person and hang out in bars and clubs in Tokyo, you might meet potential sexual partners there. But be aware that the Japanese people who frequent those places are in the minority. There is another survey that asked where Japanese people meet their spouses.

The are quite similar: at work, in school, and through friends. So when they live with their parents, having sex is difficult. Of course, you can always go to love hotels and rent a room by the hour. But love hotels are quite expensive for high school students. : On average, the men in their 20s lost their virginity at As for women, the average ages are I think these s mean that Japanese people tend to lose virginity when they start going to university when they are 18 or : On average, the men in their 20s masturbate The averages for women are 2.

One thing that is sure is that Japanese men will never run out of porn to watch, given the huge quantity available….

Marriage and relationships: japanese people don’t date much but they get married nonetheless

Interesting s, thanks for sharing. I will check out your book, the Kindle Edition when it comes out. On topic of the article, I wonder if there are other factors dealing with some people not getting married.

What about lgbt couples. I know Japan doesn't like to acknowledge this topic as much as america but are there a few japanese people honest about their sexuality?

I heard many just marry women anyway. There are of course LGBT people who are open about their sexuality, but yeah they probably don't tell other people as much as western people.

Dating in lancaster

The age at which Japanese lose their virginity, or the of partners they've had in their 20s is very inconsistent with the fact that they hardly "date" in high school, have very little privacy, and the rest of the survey data. Any way to explain this inconsistency? I am a vergin and I can't believe japanese have so much sex! I'm really unsure of all that information.

I mean that, i just don't know what to do with it. It is really useful and actually normal in my opinion. I plan to holiday in Japan in 1 to 4 years time. Saw this on the site from which i got to via Youtube. Japanese women are very beautiful.

But what i actually like the most is the honesty. At timed it can be harsh.

What’s the attraction?

Though thats just the way i am. I also work at an IT Company, as a software engineer. So I just got married last year and have started living here in Japan for 8 months already and my husband and I haven't had sex yet. I am from a country where women are conservative so I don't feel comfortable demanding that from him. I want him to initiate it since he is the guy and we're married couple and we live in the same house.

Oh, btw, I'm 26 and he's I wonder if Japanese guys are just like that or is there a problem with me? We're still very close anyway and we still kiss and cuddle everytime we go to sleep. He is still sweet and very kind.

It's just that I feel like there is something missing in our relationship? Because of that, to japanese people, a foreigner guy means 'a guy who comes to japan, to meet Japanese bar girls or prostitures'.

That is how a guy gets 'tagged', automatically. From there, whenever a yo guy walks in the street, and passes near 3 or 4 japanese yo women, and he smiles at them, the first thing they will think about is 'ohh, look at this guy, we're sure he has already dated 8 or 10 sluts or bar girls, since he came to japan. They only come here to have 'sex' with these 'easy' japanese girls'.

I feel bad for the millions guys from all over the world, who fall in love with the japanese culture, country, even women… and decide to move there and abandon everything, hoping they will find a nice women, live there, have a family….

I am a subscribed member of your YouTube channel. I have seen a lot of videos but can you please share why people who are being sexually harrassed or raped, Justice is not served. I have read many cases where woman are told to enact the scene if they are to complain to the police.

This is kinda disturbing me to come to Japan as it's low in crime but high in rape and suicide rate! I'd object to that conclusion on the basis that it assumes monogamous relationships. Undoubtedly, most are; my point, though, is merely that unless the study explicitly verified that these instances were not that of consensual polyamory, they cannot be known to've been cheating.

I wonder how many people did you survey of co-worker sex partner in Japan among

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