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This thread follows Master Louis, a wise Alpha owner of faggots. In some ways these Men are a secret weapon on this site because they keep me grounded and focused on the true function of this site. I treasure them.

One such Alpha is Master Louis. I met him online a couple of years ago and struck up a very nice rapport over that time.

He always gives me bits of Alpha wisdom that I take to my heart. I know Master Louis has been hungry to own a new faggot, but this year has been bad for that. So I was encouraged to hear that he had found a young, trainable faggot near him. Prior to meeting Master Louis gave his new faggot Owen a strict rule: it was not to touch its uncaged clit or masturbate at all.

Well, little Owen made the mistake of opening up this site … and after reading the stories here and playing with itself the faggot ejaculated. Master Louis was displeased, naturally, and decided the fag needed to be punished. Part of that punishment involved Owen confessing its crime to me what am I?

A priest?? Inspired and horny, i read through fagsworshipalphas.

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The advice, stories, photos, and videos on the site were too much for me to withstand and i ejaculated in my pants. I resolved to inform My Master the following morning. Having just learned that His fag disobeyed him, Master was going to have to punish me. I knew He would, but did not know how, save for it might involve the dildo i was instructed to bring.

When i arrived, i received instructions to strip all but my jock and assume the bitch pose, which Master had recently taught me. Eagerly i did, presenting my pussy for Sir. I heard His footsteps approach, and made sure my back was arched as He taught me. My punishment was uncomfortable, but i understood why He made me do it.

I had to kneel on a shoe tray, the kind with ridges that dug into my knees, while demonstrating my throat progress on the dildo suctioned to a floor to ceiling mirror. Sir sat and watched me go deep as possible, licking the silicon balls at the deepest point. It was gruelling, but i enjoyed satisfying Him in that way. He instructed me to get off the shoe tray and kneel before Him, and asked if I would touch my clit again.

He had me do bitch position and places a foot on my face. Then, He allowed me to service His Cock with my throat, commanding the long, deep strokes He loves. I obliged happily best i could, drool running all over. Kind and rewarding as He is, He allowed me to swallow His Load.

Then he gave me permission to swallow. We conferred electronically from there, sharing thoughts and gratitude on the experience. I will definitely be going back for more, thank you, Master!

First of all, fag Owen is an excellent and expressive writer, which I love. But, more importantly, Owen has the correct mindset. A positive, humble, and respectful attitude will carry a true faggot through the tough times. Owen has that already. But I also got to witness Master Louis in action as an owner, and I came away with an even deeper respect for him.

When an Alpha finds the right faggot, magic happens. Those ancient Hierarchical laws forged into the DNA of all males takes over, and fulfillment is the result.

Re: advice on becoming a full-time cocksucker

They just want you to submit and worship their Manhood! Look at how the Alpha backs up, and the cocksucker crawls across the floor on all fours like a starving dog! This is part of a thread following the submission of a year-old faggot to a year-old Alpha bully. This is a follow-up to a question asked by a year-old faggot. He wrote me a detailed follow-up to show me how he implemented my advice. You told me to keep you updated if I did something and I will continue to do that. Sorry but this is gonna be extremely long. I spent Sunday wondering about which boy I should start with first.

There was this one boy named Michael that would always tease me and call me a faggot in school since a year ago.

I really hated him for it. But he was my bully, and I wanted to try to see what would happen if I became his bitch.

He only lived around 2 blocks away so I knew it would be convenient to see him. So I came up with a plan on how to deal with him on Monday. When Monday came around and Michael came to tease me again, I invited him over to my house to hang out.

I said that I thought he was a cool dude and had a surprise for him, so that probably convinced him. Long story short, we had a little bit of chatting and I moved him to my room to tell him what I wanted him to do. I told him that I wanted him to make me his bitch for the rest of the year.

He was a bit shocked and asked if I was serious, and I said I was.

He asked me if I could give him a blowjob after school tomorrow, to which I said sure. He left and I waited until Tuesday. On Tuesday he came up to me to tease me as usual but he seemed more….

He stared at me and said that he was gonna meet up at his house. When school ended I went with him to his house and he took me into his bedroom, and he just took out his dick and commanded me to start sucking on it. I got on my knees and I just did it. It was my first time and I had to say I really liked it.

I followed your advice from my last post, where you said that boys in high school are a sucker for compliments. So I told him how much I loved sucking his cock and said that he was an alpha. It seemed to work and he moaned much louder than before. After that I left after he slapped my ass, which I admit made me blush a lot. That was a good day.

I even made eye contact with him the whole time, and he just smirked down at me the entire time! He definitely knows what he is doing! He said to meet up again in the same bathroom after school so I can serve him again, and I happily obliged. I gave him another blowjob, but he was more forceful this time and began to face fuck me. That was incredible.

Advice on becoming a full-time cocksucker

He of course came and made me hold his cum inside my mouth. Your not a man anymore. After I swallowed it I told him it tasted great and begged for him to do it to me more. As we were about to leave he pulled me on the ground on all fours and mounted me. He dry jumped me for around 2 minutes, clearly enjoying himself.

I was blushing and whimpering the whole time. Then he left.

I was a blushing and quivering mess and I loved every second of it. I suppose my question here is, do you think I should continue this? My mood has seriously skyrocketed after that! I thought this stuff only happened in stories!

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