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You and your client's health and safety are our top priority. Learn more. As the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization, movement is at the core of everything we do.


I will discuss:. Being certified by all of these certifications, I will help you decide which one is right for you. Make sure to take the quiz to get a good idea of which certification is right for you. Online personal trainer certifications are what is required to be a credentialed trainer for employment both online and in-person. In these certifications you will learn about exercise science, client assessments, how to program routines Etc. Online Personal trainer courses teach you how to become a successful online personal trainer, but they do not provide the knowledge of training like personal training certifications do.

Many traditionally administered certifications have made the jump to an online format, but ISSA has been leading the charge as the ruling online personal trainer certification.

Because of this, ISSA has been a global name in fitness education, making it a highly recommended personal trainer certification. So ISSA stands for International Sports Sciences Association, and as the name entails, it is one of the truly international certifying agencies out of the top tier certs. It positions itself this way and has successfully branched across the world through its online-only approach. Unlike other US-based certifications, ISSA has a massive international contingent, making it the most popular of all the big certs we currently have on offer.

ISSA leans ificantly into the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition, not only the science and coaching application, but also the business of nutrition. ISSA is very accessible not just in its online-international approach, but also in how it administered its exams as well as its value for money, making it one of the most cost-effective certs you could hope for. No crazy tiers to choose from, just go with the standard CPT package that comes bundled with the Sports Nutritionist course free of charge!

I also have my own free ISSA study guide and practice test here. For premium study materials and ticket your study time in half, check out the ISSA study materials from Trainer Academy. Many would argue that this makes the exam too easy and limits the amount of necessary challenge required to incentivize candidates to apply the knowledge.

It also has many people questioning the quality of ISSA certified trainers if almost everyone manages to pass. You can only pass by going through the motions of learning and applying the principles and concepts you will be introduced to. A whole lot cheaper than most of the other certs out there. It has more than enough study materials that are focused on imparting practical skills so you can become a great trainer. Like others who have passed the ISSA certification, I also strongly recommend it given that, among other things, it continues to support you after training with a free website to promote your services.

Do you know why NASM has become a top contender among personal trainer certifications? In the world of personal training, only a handful of certifying agencies give the same level of familiarity and reputability as NASM. When asking what personal trainer certification is most respected, NASM is far from an uncommon answer. Reasons which we will introduce to you so you can decide if this is the way your career is headed.

Online personal training course

Its reputation as a certifying agency increases daily thanks to its unique Optimum Performance Training model. Overpersonal trainers have received their certification from this great body owing to the prestige attached to it.

Whether you want to choose the self-study program, the premium self-study program, the guided study program, or the all-inclusive program, I assure you the body has you in mind when they were crafting their programs.

I also have my own free NASM study guide and practice test here. For premium study materials and ticket your study time in half, check out the NASM study materials from Trainer Academy.

NASM offers a reasonable amount of challenge when it comes to exam difficulty. Not too hard, but certainly not too easy. The NASM final test is online and proctored via webcam so that you have the structure of a real-world exam experience in the controlled safety of your own preferred environment. NASM has a great reputation, and this reputation certainly matches its value as a useful and practical way to equip yourself with the necessary tools to be an awesome fitness instructor. We rate NASM as the best all-round option for any fledgling trainer who wants to learn and certify online. The support and applicability of its training principles make it a great fit for trainers and their prospective clients.

Fitness mentors is a relatively new player to the game. But they pack a solid punch in terms of credibility, Innovation and study materials. Fitness Mentors was founded as a platform for helping new and established fitness professionals optimize their careers. This is achieved by providing skills and knowledge in gaining the right credentials and employing effective business strategies. The Fitness Mentors PTC might not have the same time-honored heritage as other established certs, but through the work, FM has done over the years, they are poised to have a great program.

With so many options to choose from, FM certification comes with a wide spread in terms of pricing. Check out the current prices for Fitness mentors here. Fitness Mentors has one of the best study material package options available. From the table above, you can see that there are four packages available to choose from.

The Fitness Mentors CPT exam is comprised of multiple choice questions that you can take at home. As with most other certifying agencies, your FM personal trainer certification expires after two years. Upon expiry, you will need to renew your cert by submitting 2. Fitness Mentors offers a great alternative to the established top dogs of the certification world. FM is however still finding its stride, so it will take some time before they can reach top-tier gold standard status.

National Council on Strength and Fitness is a reputable certifying agency and has been around since It is widely accepted and is known for its deep academic approach to health and fitness, peering into the effective use of program de.

This one is only advisable if you already have a strong background in fitness science principles. This one is great for getting a practical feel of the course material which helps you prepare for real-world personal training. With no solid data on pass rates, we can say based on anecdotal s that the NCSF CPT exam is relatively easy in comparison to other certs in this list.

The emphasis will be on the prescription of health and fitness, so learning how to collect data and process it into comprehensive, -driven programs is your strategy. Recertification occurs every 2 years at the cost of 20 hours of CEUs as well as a recertification fee. It allows you the benefit of a general fitness certification which would, in turn, enable you to work with people that have weight issues. ACE stands for American Council on Exercise and is one of the leading organizations when it comes to delivering knowledge and research in the field of health and fitness instruction.

ACE has a global reputation, with a robust international network of Become a personal trainer online trainers and affiliated organizations. This certifying agency has a history spanning all the way back to making it two years older than NASM. This similar timeline has seen ACE develop a top-tier reputation that gives its trainers the same degree of leverage and access as NASM when it comes to job opportunities and business development options. Check the current price of the ACE certification here. I have a free ACE study guide in practice test here.

For premium ACE study materials, check out trainer Academy here. In the case of ACE, that means retaking the exam every two years as the cost of recertification along with 2 continuing education units CEUs. It helps you deal with the average man, woman, and child, and is a good direction if your career goal is just to promote health consciousness and good lifestyle habits. One major attraction to ACE for candidates is its discounts and special offers which serve as a motivating factor.

It also maintains its certified trainers by giving them current information via its monthly fitness publication which they receive in a digital format. The emphasis they place on their scope of focus is to instill a sense of enjoyment through the training and programming their certified trainers to prescribe.

Because of this AFAA are a leading force in functional mobility and movement-based training, creating a platform for both trainers and clients to enjoy their respective sides of the fitness journey. While different, it shares many resources and traits with NASM, albeit as a more rudimentary introduction to health and fitness prescription.

The only other cert to have had such a variegated structure was ISSA, which has since adopted the typical multiple-choice only format. Unlike online personal training certifications, personal training courses teach you how to become a financially successful online personal trainer.

You will not learn about exercise science and routine programming here. These are not accredited certifications that are necessary for employment.

Remember, this is different than they are General personal trainer certification mentioned above. This is their certification to teach you all about becoming a successful online personal trainer. Fitness Mentors have been at the forefront of personal trainer career guidance for quite some time, but nowadays, they are just as well known for providing the same sort of credentials they would usually advise over.

Fitness Mentors is a new kid on the block when it comes to being a certifying agency.

6 best online personal trainer certifications in – our #1 is

Still, few can measure up when it comes to delivering strategies and resources for fitness pros from a business perspective. This is especially true when considering their work and resources in online fitness coaching, which have been consolidated into the Fitness Mentors Certified Online Personal Trainer cert.

However, you can often catch it on a discount or get the total cost ificantly reduced when it comes bundled with their CPT cert. There are few certs in this category, and of those few, fitness Mentors shine due to their pioneering position in this new frontier. Just like their General personal training certification that I talked about above, the international sports Sciences Association is definitely one of the best online personal trainer programs as well.

ISSA was founded inmaking it one of the longest running and reputable certifying agencies. Being the first and for a long time, only distance-based fitness certification, they pioneered the online cert revolution. Taking things further, ISSA now offers certification for the very purpose of equipping trainers for the next frontier of fitness, online coaching.

As the fastest growing sector in the fitness services industry, online coaching is almost a must if you truly want to succeed.

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