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Blind and buried vias are used to connect between layers of a PCB where space is at a premium. A Blind Via connects an outer layer to one or more inner layers but does not go through the entire board. A Buried Via connects two or more inner layers but does not go through to an outer layer. Use the Buildup Editor to check what Blind and Buried Via options can be produced for your de and to work out their cost.

Choose from over pre-set multilayer builds, accessed by of layers, board thickness, build and copper weight. If you can use a pre-set build you get your offer faster, the boards are easier to build and so the price is lower.

Every multilayer build-up is constructed out of Cores, Pre-pregs and Copper Foils. You can think of a core as a double-sided PCB. It is a rigid piece of base laminate with copper pre-bonded onto each side. On each side there are one or more sheets of pre-preg and then a sheet of copper foil.

Pre-preg is glass-fibre cloth pre- im preg nated with uncured resin.

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The sheets of pre-preg and foil are bonded onto the core using heat and pressure. This cures the resin in the pre-preg as well as bonding the whole build.

We do not use depth-controlled laser drilling to manufacture blind and buried vias. We first drill one or more cores and plate through the holes.

Then we build and press the stack. This process can be repeated several times. These rules are incorporated into the Buildup Editor.

If we do this, blind vias become impossible. For Blind Vias you need to select a reversed build. Higher layer counts work in the same way, but now it is possible to combine Blind and Buried Vias. Blind and Buried Vias can be overlapped provided that one is completely enclosed within the other but note the extra press cycle.

A special build follows the same procedures but with different thicknesses at higher prices. for more information. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube.

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Blind and Buried Vias. BUT: Not all combinations are possible.

They should only be used when absolutely necessary. To help deers of tight boards, we offer via holes down to 0. These need minimum outer layer pad sizes of 0. How Blind and Buried Vias are Made.

This means: 1. A Via always has to cut through an even of copper layers. A Via cannot end at the top side of a core 3. A Via cannot start at the bottom side of a core 4.

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