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While female truckers make up a small percentage of the trucking industry as a whole at 6. These women are an inspiration to those in the trucking industry and have done a lot to push the profession forward, clearing the path for women to continue ing the industry. Liang is from Sacramento, California, but was born in China and became a U. Upon graduating, Liang realized she did not want to be stuck working at an office and also wanted to get to know more of the U. With these two factors in mind, becoming a trucker was a no-brainer for Liang.


Trucking has long been considered a male domain, requiring long hours, lots of travel, and the occasional interaction with sketchy characters. Trucking, like many other professions, has crossed into the twenty-first century and slowly opened its doors to female drivers. Not a lot of women truckers…but some. The last decade has seen an upswing in the of women opting to drive a truck. Inthere were 36, more driving jobs than there were drivers. Inthe shortage was reported to be about 63, If the freight business continues to grow at the current rate and the trend of older drivers retiring and fewer new drivers coming into the workforce holds, the shortage could reachby the year The driver shortage has made a of the old guard who used to be hostile to women drivers relax their views.

Women in trucking

New Family Dynamics Once upon a time…well, OK, not really all that long ago, men were the breadwinners and women stayed home and raised families. As a result, truck driving remained a distinctly male environment for a long time. These days, men play a larger role in caring for and raising families. Around 40 percent of workers in the U. How are drivers paid?

Let us count the ways. Some drivers are paid hourly and some owner-operators charge a percentage of the revenue from the load. A word of warning: Many truckers still get paid by the mile, and that rate is typically cents per mile, not dollars.

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Trucking is one of the few businesses that truly offers equal pay for equal work. Additionally, real-life women in trucking say they like working the open road instead of spending their time indoors behind a desk.

Unfortunately, trucking comes with its share of drawbacks. For many, the pros outweigh the cons, and not all women experience the worst of the downside. Some female drivers say they experienced no problems during training and found jobs working for fleets that respect them as drivers without taking gender into. In their interactions with fellow drivers, specifically men, they report other truckers to be pleasant and helpful.

Being a female truck driver, you need to make smart choices, including:. Avoid schools that charge more than that, as well as ones that suggest high-interest loans or mortgaging your house to pay tuition. Some trucking companies offer training and a guaranteed job after you get your that sets you up to pay back the schooling costs. Do your homework and track down the reputable ones. Alternatively, not many people realize that grants and scholarships are available to pay for trucking school.

Life on the road for female truck drivers

All of these options will get you a CDL without having to pay for it yourself. Another thing to consider when looking for a school is to find one that provides more than a 3 or 4-week crash-course no pun intended. The training should include both study time in a classroom setting as well as hands-on training in a truck. Local community colleges typically have good programs with professional instructors. Those could be things like delays due to bad weather and traffic or family issues that require time off.

As with any employment interview, bring up the questions or concerns you have before you take the job.

More and more women are climbing up into big rigs and heading out onto the highway. The industry has opened up more than ever before, and many companies are actively trying to make the gig more appealing to women. A skilled and reliable driver can command high pay, a flexible schedule, and job security — things people want no matter what their gender.

Get out there and start trucking!

Suz Baldwin got her start in the automotive industry, writing and editing for several motorcycle and classic car magazines straight out of college. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. OK close. Article Women in Trucking. Ladies, start your engines!

Why Get Into Trucking? Detention Pay: Compensation for time lost if the shipper unnecessarily delays the pick-up. Stop Pay: Compensation for multiple stops between picking up the load and dropping it off. Drive Healthy, Drive Safe Plan your route ahead of time.

Check out reviews. Always lock your doors. Stay in or near lighted areas as much as possible. We think this is general common sense, but it bears repeating. Stay in the light! Make your own meals.

A lot of the newer sleeper cabs have room and hookups for at least a minifridge. Some companies furnish their trucks with a microwave.

If all else fails, you can bring a cooler. Check out the Women in Trucking Association.

They can offer advice, support, and valuable resources. Finding a Job Congratulations!

Get Driving More and more women are climbing up into big rigs and heading out onto the highway. About Suz Baldwin Suz Baldwin got her start in the automotive industry, writing and editing for several motorcycle and classic car magazines straight out of college. Get news and tips right in your inbox. Subscribe for heavy-duty best practices.

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Recently, it has become more common to see a female behind the wheel of a big rig.


Being a woman driver in the male-dominated trucking industry comes with a unique set of challenges.